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Jeremy Teel is a motivated, talented artist and consultant to all seeking knowledge on how to represent themselves in the business world. As an artist and business owner, Jeremy is well versed in all things marketing, accounting, design and social media. 

A great mix of a millennial ambition and generation X&Y in person know-how, Jeremy is the perfect talent to help you achieve limitless results. 

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Jeremy Teel is a dynamic visionary in the community and a professional engagement consultant. A diverse artist in his own right, Teel is an accomplished photographer, videographer and producer of visual art, stage productions, education settings, and much more. Jeremy is passionate about working with socially continues and unbiased leaders who do work for and with the people they serve. To ensure equitable use of information and appropriate language for mastery of skills, he has collected a network of social justice, art, and medical leaders/organization to spearhead curriculum and prove effective methods of engagement.



Through this over decade long career, he has had the pleasure of working of partnering with organizations such as AIDS Walk South Dallas, Kind Clinic, AIDS Services of Austin and AGE Central Texas and Montrose Center to name a few.

Notable campaigns include AIDs Services of Austin’s “The Q Austin” relaunch in 2015, Kind Clinic Austins expansion into Gender Care, HIV Postive Care and Mental Health care. The “I Art Sex” Campaign Spring 2017 “Viva Bien con PrEP (Summer 2019), Black Health and Wellness Campaign (Winter 2019) to name a few.


In these collaborations and many more, he has set a goal to work with leaders and educators to create simplified, more precise content that is much easier for communities and non-professionals to digest — seeking the justice for those who aren't given access to the information as a form of oppression or injustice. 


The founder of Beyond Brothas, he has worked to create, curate, and archive space for men of color and those who support them. Teel focused on creating safe and affirming spaces for men of color of all identities through meaningful collaboration and skill-sharing with a focus on the challenges they experience. He and his team produce and design educational events and resources focused on mental/physical health and wellness. The goal is to respect, curate, and archive the history, art, and lived experiences of and for men of color.


Teel, a co-founder of Austin Black Pride (2015), and Woodard Circle (2017), for black men living with HIV, has gone on to spread the idea of social education, mindful wellness through peer support and capacity creation to communities nationwide.


A lover of eclectic personalities and a passion for understanding the varied experiences of others, Jeremy has deemed himself a "social guru." His non-traditional approach to the study of humans has created a unique experience for work and those who work with him. Inspired by the art of all sort, sociology, community work, and intimate passions, Teel has acquired an extensive network of individuals and organization that continue to influence his efforts.



He engages contacts to further his mission to improve the care for people of color, men who have sex with and women, injection drug users, and other underserved and often misunderstood communities to improve their sexual, mental, and social health. As a notably diverse national speaker/trainer as well as an adept communicator among various ethnic populations, Teel has instructed and trained personnel extensively in Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and California. His online presence can be felt in his web updates with "Oh Hey, with Jeremy," where is speaks on topics considered taboo or hard to mention for audiences to comment and create dialogue around them.


The future looks very bright for Jeremy as he has recently been named Mr. Texas Leather 2019, an ambassador-type honor to future wellness missions in the kink and BDSM communities. Plans for his first of many publications coming summer of 2022 and continued collaboration in the worlds of art and health to create a better tomorrow for all. Keep an eye out for his future work. 



Jeremy A Teel Creative Consulting |  Director |   2017 -​​ Present

Ross Ryelle   |  Creative Director  |   2010-2017​

The College Cleaner   |   Owner/Operator   |   2008-2018​

Philinthropic Leadership

Queer Black Voices Fund | AGLIFF | Chair | 2020

AGLIFF  (All Genders Lifestyles and Identities Film Festival) | Board Member | 2020 - Present

The Kind Clinic  |  Community Engagement  |  2017-Present

The Woodard Circle  |  Co-Founder/Facilitator  |  2016​-2017

Beyond Brotha  | Founder/Director | 2014​ - Current

Austin Black Pride  | Co-Founder Board Member  | 2015 - 2018

Mpowerment Austin  | Events/Facilitator  | 2014 - 2017

 Training & Workshops 

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 Special Skills 

My portfolio of work in graphic design, photography and documented group facilitation is extensive. As a part of monitoring and assessment teams, I have also re-imagined and revamped both my organization and well-established programs at The Q when it became apparent that both had begun to hit a plateau in effectiveness.


Through Mpowerment, I have been able to more deeply engage men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) within people of color (POC) communities. A measured 30% increase in the participation of this community in Mpowerment programs and a 50% increase in POC MSM in AIDS Services of Austin’s Health Relationships program during my co-facilitation of the five-week intervention are both testament to the effectiveness of my outreach. In addition, through teamwork and collaboration Beyond Brothas has seen a 60% increase in participation over the past twelve months, capturing a portion of the influx of Black MSM moving to Travis County.

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