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art logic

Using what you know to heal

About Us

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There are many ways to deal with emotions; it has been proven that creative avenues are superior when coupled with other decompression measures. Until recently art hasn’t had a scientific backing to the effects it has on the brain and coping mechanisms of the human's development. In ArtLogic, we will explore the concept of using what you have experienced in life and channeling those feelings, thoughts and other emotional responses to meaningful works of art. These experiences can be loss of loved ones, educational or professional trauma, coping with the diagnosis and much more.

The Creator

Jeremy A Teel, an accomplished social and sexual health warrior. Entrepreneur and Artist are currently working in Austin, TX as Community Engagement Coordinator for The Kind Clinic. His numb er one passion is an expression and helping others follow their dreams. Through Art Logic he is giving back to the world what art has given him, peace of mind a sense of belonging. 

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